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The phases of provision, evaluation and purchase of raw woods is one of critical relevance; these choices, infact, result into intrinsic qualities that are shown through the aesthatic of the finished manufacture. The visual evuluation of aesthetic parameters, as veinings and stripings, is closely related to the final features that the design demands. Our purchase policy doesn’t consent to place a supply order without a direct verification of the material.

Great attention applied in selecting raw materials means also a better alternative for cistomers on a budget – meaning, in that case, a selection accorded to the known range of price.

All processings of ours involve the mandatory deployment of low-formaldhyde pastes (max. 2%).

Provided to follow one’s project guidelines in regard to type of wood, it is preferred by the company to purchase FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified raw wood.


photovoltaic: 50 kWH, nearly total energetic self-sufficiency since 2010;
wastes, dust and swarfs are disposed through certified recycling companies (outcome of wood recycling: production of ecological panels from third-part companies).